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The Difference That Hand Crafted Garden Tools Will Make for You

Why Buy Handcrafted Garden Tools? When the big box stores are offering garden trowels for under $10, why should you pay more? Is handmade really better? Buying small, local, and artisan are the choices that conscious consumers are making in terms of food, jewelry, and even clothing. But garden tools?…

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Each of the tools in our line of durable garden equipment are hand forged to last a lifetime.

What to Look For in Durable Garden Equipment

When shopping for durable garden equipment online, it’s not always easy to tell the quality and durability of a garden tool just by looking at a photograph and the brief product description provided. Without having the tool in hand, it takes discernment to really know the difference between a quality…

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I use traditional methods to create our hand crafted garden tools.

How I build my hand crafted garden tools

Long before the invention of electricity and modern machinery, skilled craftsmen worked the fires of the forge in the old world tradition of blacksmithing. Back then, everything was made well and made to last. Though it seems like a lost art, there are still a few craftsmen among us. At…

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