WHOLESALE Handcrafted Gardening Fork

WHOLESALE Handcrafted Gardening Fork

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Minimum stock orders for wholesale tools are $500 shipped to a single address. Lead time is 7-10 days. Private labeling, laser engraving of corporate logos, etc. is available with a minimum $3000 purchase—call for lead time.

"Knowing that the tool you hold in your hand was hand-forged by another human being and not a machine is like stepping back to a simpler time. It's not just a tool. It is art! -LaVonne S."

Sixteen years after the creation of the original garden tool set I'm excited to present this newest addition. This garden fork is tough! It's created as one piece from 1/4" thick abrasive resistant steel typically used for buckets of bulldozers, backhoes, or what we see around here most, snowplows. The tool is set as one piece into a slot in the Black Walnut handle and riveted all the way through with brass rivets. This tool is an example of fine American Craft and sure to become one of your new go to garden tools.

I build each tool individually using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Steel is heated in the forge and then shaped over the anvil with hammer. and tongs. All joinery is done using solid steel rivets rather than welding. And, each tool is set into its own hand turned handle creating a long-lasting garden tool. American Black Walnut is used for the handle. The tight grain of this strong hardwood makes it very durable. Best of all, it just feels good in your hand.

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