Holiday Gardening Tool Gift Set | Set of Five | $30 off Regular Price

Hand-forged steel set into a black walnut handle makes this set of five handcrafted garden tools the ideal gift for the discriminating gardener, wedding couple, or anyone (that includes you!) who has an eye for high-quality traditional crafts and a passion for gardening.

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“A piece of artwork to make gardening even more of a pleasure. I look at my new tools and I cannot wait to plant, pick weeds and water.”
-Dennis D.

This set includes five of my all time favorite garden tools. These garden tools are perfect for both the beginner and the experienced gardener. You’ll receive a large planting trowel, a narrow perennial trowel, a square hand hoe, a pointed hand hoe, and a three-tined rake. These tools are great for planting, transplanting, weeding, digging, and anything else that comes up. I design and build each tool using traditional blacksmithing techniques right here in Bozeman, Montana. The steel is heated to 1700 degrees in the forge, shaped by hand with hammer and anvil, joined with solid steel rivets, and then set into a hand-turned, American Black Walnut handle. This process creates a finished product that is unique, durable, and just feels great in your hand! So if you have an eye for high-quality traditional crafts and an interest in gardening, this collection is bound to make the spring planting a little more fun! This season, get the only set of garden tools you’ll ever need!