Shagbark Hickory Handle Tool Set | Set of Three

A beautiful and practical set for flower and vegetable gardeners alike!


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“I purchased the tools as a gift for my son, who found them online and requested them. When they arrived, my husband and I were amazed, not only at the functionality, but by the beauty of each piece. My son was thrilled and can’t wait for spring. Right now we’re under about 2 feet of snow! Thank you so much for the great quality of your product. Guess what I’ll be requesting for Mother’s Day?” -Lorraine S.

Our classic heirloom quality tools riveted by hand to natural finished Shagbark Hickory handles creates this newest collection of “Shag Bark” tools from Fisher Blacksmithing. In making these tools, I have used stout twigs of the Shagbark Hickory tree (a member of the Walnut family).  Dig deeper, reach wider and really get down in the garden!  Enjoy the aesthetics and utility a one of kind creation made just for a you, gardener and lover of fine things.

The Three Tined Rake, The Square Blade Hoe and, the Large Trowel make a beautiful and practical set for flower and vegetable gardeners alike.  The wide trowel blade holds a lot of soil.  The pointed shape allows you to use it in the field.  The extra length of the rake allows you to reach under thorny roses.  And, the subtle patina and extra loop in the garden hoe create a great balance and modern flair!