Gift Gardening Set

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the green thumb in your life? Whether you’re holiday shopping, birthday gifting, or looking for a special wedding present, the Fisher Blacksmithing Gift Gardening Set is sure to please beginning and seasoned gardeners alike. Quality craftsmanship and old world blacksmithing combine with a passion for gardening and sustainability to create a unique gift set that celebrates both form and function.

The gift gardening set from Fisher Blacksmithing carries all of the qualities of good relationships such as longevity, dependability, sustainability, appreciation of beauty, and honest dedication to quality. Choosing a gift gardening set from Fisher Blacksmithing also honors your relationship with the receiver by the selection of a meaningful and relevant gift that will serve the recipient season after season in the garden.


Fisher Blacksmithing five piece gardening set displayed on a wooden palette

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Gardeners of all ages will appreciate the sturdy construction and thoughtful design of these heirloom quality tools. It’s rare to receive a gift so solid and dependable that will truly last a lifetime and be able to be handed down to the next generation. Made of American Walnut and high carbon steel with riveted joints, these workhorse tools will stand the test of time.

The Fisher Blacksmithing Gardening set includes the Large Trowel, the Narrow Trowel, the Three Tined Rake, the Pointed Hoe, and the Square Hoe. This combination of tools makes this unique gift gardening set a great fit for both flower and vegetable gardeners. Our Large Trowel is great for digging and transplanting potted plants into the garden. Our Narrow Trowel is ideal for planting bulbs and edging in tight spaces along the borders of beds. The teeth are great for separating roots. Our elegant Three Tined Rake is great for breaking up dirt and attacking weeds with rhizomatous roots and also doubles as a back scratcher. Both our Square and Pointed hoes boast a curved shape and carefully balanced weight that assists with the general hoeing motion and provide great momentum for really getting into the swing of things.

At Fisher Blacksmithing, we look forward to the holiday season knowing that our hand crafted tools bring great joy to gardeners across the country during a time when their gardens lie dormant for the winter. Our tools bring with them the promise of gardens to be planted and another bountiful harvest.

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