3 Potted Herbs that Will Make Your Mom’s Heart Melt This Mother’s Day

Few things are better than watching someone’s eyes light up as they unwrap the perfect present -- the kind of gift that conveys exactly what you’re feeling and says just how much you care.

I strive for that mark every year at Mother’s Day, but it sure is tough. What present can possibly encompass all of the love, gratitude, and awe you have for the woman who brought you into this world, the mother who raised you, the grandmother who slipped you candies before dinner, or the aunt who took you on grand adventures?

You could go around the world twice and still not find the gift that says it all, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

This year, why not give a Mother’s Day gift that will continue to bring her life, vitality, and flavor long after it’s unwrapped? This year, why not try something different?

A beautiful pot filled with delicious herbs can make the perfect Mother’s Day present.

What’s more timeless than a terra-cotta pot overflowing with fragrant thyme? For years to come, every pasta dish or roasted chicken will remind her of you.

How about a handcrafted ceramic pot with sage? Not only does it speak to her wisdom, but it brings the deep flavor of Mother Earth to any roast, potato dish, or stew.

Or if you’d rather keep it light and fresh, a mint plant is a great idea. Give it some room to grow, and it will fill up whatever space it’s allowed.

And one day, when that beautiful herb has outgrown its little home, she can find a spot in the garden or a raised bed for it to root itself. Pair your potted herb with a Mother’s Day Gardening Gift Set, and she’ll be ready when the time comes to set her little herb free.

Dig a comfortably sized hole with our heirloom Large Planting Trowel, and that herb will continue to thrive outside, building upon the loving foundation it’s been given. As it grows and spreads its branches, dig up sections using the sharp teeth of our hand-forged Narrow Perennial Trowel, pot it up, and that herb is ready to be gifted again to someone new.

The cycle of love and giving continues. These potted herbs are endless in what it can provide, much like a mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day!

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