Tuli Fisher, blacksmith, creator of hand crafted garden tools

Tuli Fisher is a blacksmith living in Bozeman, Montana. At his studio, in what his daughter calls “Shop Town,” he designs and builds his fabulous line of garden tools.
Aesthetically beautiful and durably functional, Fisher’s tools were described in Forbes Magazine as, “look[ing] more like they’ve been unearthed than designed.”
The writer’s perception of quality is correct. Fisher uses traditional blacksmithing techniques. His artistry and craftsmanship are informed by history and influenced by a childhood spent in farm country. And a lifetime of hand tool use inspires his designs.
Fisher has degrees in History and Museum Studies from Montana State University where he read extensively on the history of skilled trades. “It’s hard to overstate the importance of hand tools in humans’ lives,” he says. “I developed a strong interest in tool-making borne out of study of the guild system.”
By the time he attended college, Fisher already had practical knowledge of tools. He was a farrier operating a full-time horseshoeing business. The labor of shoeing horses cemented his appreciation for well-crafted implements. His first mentor told him, “Go into debt for your tools; they will pay for themselves in the long run.” In other words—buy the best tools you can afford.
Fisher took it to heart, then one step further. He began to fashion his own farrier tools, followed by instruments for woodworkers, timber framers, and stonemasons. He eventually realized that durable tools for those trades already exist, but gardeners were left with cheaply made products from China.
“There aren’t any really amazing garden tools for gardeners, but gardening is an art, so why not have luxury tools to work with? They’re just going to make it easier and make it more fun!” he says.
Studying history taught Fisher that blacksmithing is a keystone craft in the larger sphere of skilled trades. He knew that iron lends itself to toolmaking as well as gardening. So for Fisher, designing and building garden tools was a logical, albeit slightly radical, next step.
“The material lends itself well to digging in the dirt, which I learned when I was shoeing horses,” he says. Horseshoes wear out. Fisher resolved to create garden tools that would endure. “They are an honest piece of work,” he says with pride.
Fisher is a member of the British Artist Blacksmith Association, as well as the Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America. He is also a gardener with a fascination for giant pumpkins—a particular test for a backyard gardener in Zone 4. When questioning the challenge of trying to grow vegetables in a Montana climate, he says, “Wow, but I’ve got these amazing hand tools, right?!”

Awards & Recognition

"Outstanding Marketing" - Northwest Flower and Garden Show
Seattle, WA • February , 2016

"Best Marketing Presentation" - San Francisco Flower and Garden Show
San Francisco, CA • March, 2009

Media Recognition

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Garden tools. Forged by Bozeman, MT, blacksmith Tuli Fisher, these tools have serious heft in the garden.

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Forged by Bozeman, Montana, blacksmith Tuli Fisher, this trowel (pictured), hoe, and hand rake set has as much care put into it as you put into your heirloom tomato plants.
When it comes to beautiful and handcrafted designs, Tuli Fisher of Bozeman, Montana, has mastered the technique.

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