Even Moms Need Mothering. Give a Fisher Blacksmithing Garden Tool Gift Set for Mother’s Day

tree in full bloom with pink blossoms

It’s spring. Time to sow seeds and celebrate our moms on Mother’s Day. We typically think of giving her flowers, but a Fisher Blacksmithing Gardening Gift Set provides a better opportunity—the means for mom to grow her own flowers and food, year after year. These tools are the gift that keeps on giving.
Mother is a noun and a verb; the act of mothering, not unlike gardening. “Little sprouts,” like little humans, or the baby lettuce in our gardens, need to be tended, cultured, fed, and protected. When we’re young, our mothers work hard to keep us healthy and make our new lives a success so that we grow and flourish.
Garden, too, is a noun and a verb. Both gardening and mothering are labors of love that require tools. For moms who garden, or aspire to, there are no better tools than those made by Tuli Fisher at Fisher Blacksmithing.
Every part of a Fisher tool has been thoughtfully and lovingly made, from the steel that is shaped, hammered, and forged by hand, to the turned black walnut or gathered hickory and juniper stick handles, the hand-set rivets, the leather strings from a bespoke shoemaker, and the raven’s wing-like patina that is unique to each piece.
Giving Fisher Blacksmithing tools is an act of love. Not only does each one represent a genuine connection from Fisher’s strong hands to yours, but the act of gardening brings health to those who do it. Gardening keeps you fit, reduces stress and symptoms of dementia, improves your mood, and gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s a sensory and creative experience like no other. Who doesn’t want their mom to feel connected and live a long, healthy life?
Plus, dirt makes you happy! Dirt, or soil, by definition, is organic and mineral material, which has been altered by the climate and living organisms, and serves as a medium for plant growth. Science proves that gardening provides health benefits for our mind and body. Dirt does too. A certain bacterium in soil acts as a natural antidepressant.
Of course, sharing the task with loved ones is one of the greatest benefits of gardening. Connect with your kids or mom, for instance, while planting bulbs and seeds. You will be rewarded by the edible fruits of your labor that may also be shared: fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, and don’t forget…beautiful flowers. The ultimate connection created through gardening is to the universal, healing mother of us all: Mother Earth.
Even our moms need mothering, so give a Fisher Blacksmithing Garden Tool Gift Set this Mother’s Day, and your mom will receive the opportunity of health and the wealth of nutritious foods and beautiful flowers. What greater gifts could there be?

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