Father's Day: A Day to Reconnect - Guest Writer Sunshine Davis

growing garden and lush leaves

I just moved to Bozeman, Montana after an eight year absence, and the past few weeks have been an overwhelming whirlwind of unpacking, reconnecting, negotiating the changing seasons, and responding to regular requests from many people, including my dad. Whether it was an invitation to shoot a game of pool, a call to get a phone number of a friend, or shuttle for an auto repair drop off, I won’t lie, the requests at first were almost exhausting as I tried to adjust to a new life schedule. But as Father’s Day approaches and Montana’s long winter days have suddenly become incredibly pleasant spring days, I’ve become more thrilled than ever to have the opportunity to spend this spring and summer helping out the most wonderful man I know.
Spending the time with my dad a few days a week has been the one consistent thread weaving through my struggles to re-establish myself in my hometown. As I support him through assistance with odd jobs and computer work, he supports me through patient listening and “daddy duties,” ongoing advice on the next million dollar idea, early season planting, worm composting, and pest control. He also feeds me the first herbs and spinach out of his garden, which helps brighten even an already sunny mood!
Being raised on a Montana farm with fertile soils, plenty of open space, and abundant water sources, was an ideal start to my gardening career. However, my experiences and Montana skill set did not prepare me for the challenges I’ve faced in the last few years as I struggled with a whole new realm of backyard container gardening in Arizona. I’ll be sharing more of my experiences and challenges here soon, as well as tips and information for making your own backyard gardening endeavors successful.
But in the meantime, I’m going to get outside, stick some tools in the dirt, and enjoy reconnecting with my dad.
Happy Father’s Day!
Photo: My dad sends me photos of his garden and I send him photos of mine.

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