Limited Edition Cherry and Hand Stitched Leather Planting Trowel

Limited Edition Cherry and Hand Stitched Leather Planting Trowel

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"I bought these tools as a gift for my boyfriend to help us tend to our garden. I have to say he loves them! The quality can't be matched and they work better than any other tool. This is the best gift for a garden enthusiast. Thank you from two happy customers!" -Elizabeth H.

This limited edition handmade gardening trowel features a slimmer handle design turned from Cherry and finished with hand stitched leather. I design and build each garden tool myself, here in Bozeman Montana using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques. I heat each piece in the forge then shape it with the hammer and anvil. I use steel rivets for all the metal joinery and a wood lathe to turn each handle. 

Though the garden trowel can be a purely functional object, it can also be a beautiful object. In creating this handmade garden tool, I’ve tried to build something simple in its design and beautiful in its form that highlights a connection to traditional craft. 

As a full time farrier for twelve years I developed a close connection with simple hand tools that are well designed and well built. I think gardeners should have the same high quality tools available to them as other crafts persons. And, It’s my wish that these garden tools serve you for years and help bring your beautiful gardens to life.