Hardwood Planting Dibble | Handturned from Black Walnut

Hardwood Planting Dibble | Handturned from Black Walnut

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The ergonomic dibble is useful for making seed holes of various depths and sizes as well as drawing out nice straight rows.

"I was delighted when I opened the box at the craftsmanship - the tools truly are a work of art. The love that went into making them is obvious... Thank you for making such a quality product." -Martha N.

This traditional wooden planting dibble is hand-turned from domestic American Black Walnut, making it durable for many trips into the soil. The ergonomic design aids in planting of garlic cloves, making seed holes, or creating rows. This tool is popular with market growers, nursery workers, and others who work with flats and need to make repeated divots for seeds and transplants. It's great for digging up carrots and other root vegetable without cutting them too.  Dimensions are approx. 13″ long and 2.5″ diameter

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