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Feature: Iron and Wood Garden Tools

Article by Andrea Thomas
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Featured on this months cover are Iron and Wood Garden Tools, a collection of hand forged tools, inspired by Tuli Fischer’s hard work as a blacksmith. After developing his business, Fischer Blacksmithing, and forging ahead with his career his talent and curiosity eventually led him to experiment with the creation of various hand tools using his forge and anvil. Fischer quickly learned that garden tools were the most appealing hand tool to the broadest spectrum of people. Five years ago Fischer made the leap of creating garden tools as a hobby to that of a job, and with his wife Danielle’s help began selling them locally, online and at regional Home and Garden shows.

Because Fisher is passionate about his work, he uses heavy gauge steel and hard wood materials to create all the tools by hand. Each tool is forged separately and put together with rivets, meaning that no welding is involved in the entire process. Once the metal has been heated to a red glow in the forge and then shaped over the anvil with a hammer, it is burned into the handle creating a long-lasting garden tool with absolutely no welds. Fischer’s dedication for a quality product is obvious in the distinct look of each of his handmade tools.

Before making his home in Bozeman Tuli grew up working with animals and shoeing horses in Indiana. In 1998 he traveled to Bozeman and began his blacksmithing career. Fischer started out mixing horse shoeing classes with classes needed for his history major at Montana State University. After finishing school, he volunteered as the blacksmith at the Museum of the Rockies Living History Exhibit.

Fischer is now busy dividing his time between traveling to various Home and Garden shows throughout the northwest to showcase his tools and continuing with his local horse shoeing business. During the summer, he also sells his garden tools locally at the Bogert Farmer’s Market on Tuesday evenings. His tools will be on display in the garden of Michelle Maskiell, a featured Emerson Garden and Home Tour held Friday, July 10th and 11th (see feature article in this issue). His work can also be found anytime online at